Git tips in DevOPs workflow

This is the second phase of my current project. After the Beta version of the project, I upgraded and shift the whole project into DevOps workflow. Git, is most essential part of the version control. So in this post, I will shsare some tips that I have encountered

Git Branching Models

There should be at least two models: Dev and Master. Dev branch is the front line defensing bugs. This branch will proceed first round of testing. the Master or Production branch is used for release the stable version of the software. Still this branch will go through all possible tests and report bugs.

branch modes

Protect master branch

In case the abuse of master branch, or any dangerous action to the release branch, it is better to restricts the access to master branch. when the feature

Create/ feature branch

git pull before your any actions

git pull
git checkout -b new_branch current_branch

delete finished branch locally

git branch -D wanted_to_delete

Retrieve committed code

you have committed code / added all the code, but forget to push to the remote repo. After had checked out to another branch, and changed back to previous branch, you found out that all the changes are gone. How to retrieve code? This method may apply to other scenarios.

# to check the commit info and the abbrivation of commit-hashcode
git reflog

# to get the full information of logs. copy the hashcode
git fsck --cache --no-reflogs

# retrieve 
git reset $(hash-code)

Overwrite complete a branch

the production branch regularly completely compy the latest verion of dev branch, and replace the old version(not merge) to avoid conflicts.

git checkout -B production_branch dev_branch 


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